Video: Clegg summit draws hundreds of protesters

Hundreds of trade unionists and activists gathered outside the Town Hall yesterday, just as preparations were being made to host a council question and answer session with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Speaking after the demonstration, Paul Blomfield said, “[The protest] has been organised at very short notice and overall we’ve had about three or four hundred people here. It’s very positive.”

Although Mr Clegg did not arrive at the Town Hall until after the crowds had dispersed, Mr Blomfield remained hopeful he will respond to his invitation to face a public grilling, “So far he’s dodged every opportunity to meet the people of Sheffield in an open context, where people can fire questions at him without being stage managed. I hope he’ll do it.”

On the subject of Mr Clegg’s pledge to return any net gain on the sale of his house to the taxpayer, Mr Blomfield said “Well, that’s the test for him. And he may as well sell it, because he’s got no roots in Sheffield. He doesn’t come here very often.”


3 responses to “Video: Clegg summit draws hundreds of protesters

  1. is this website a front for the labour party in sheffield, as there is very little content from any other party and it only covers issues that labour want to discuss in the city. why have you not covered the debt that labour have left the country with and why they have now washed their hands of any responsibility.

    until you have a more balanced coverage i will not be following you website again.

  2. Hi Maz,

    I can assure you this site is not affiliated with any political party.

    SheffieldPolitics is a relatively young site, and we are still in the process of making connections with all of the regions parties and groups. The simple reason there have been more Labour and Green issues covered since we relaunched in June, is that their press officers were first to respond to my requests for access.

    To give a practical example, the reason Friday’s protest was covered, and not the event going on inside the Town Hall, was that SheffieldPolitics was invited to the protest, but did not have access to the event inside. Although I was not lucky enough to obtain an interview with Mr Clegg, Amna from Sheffield Live was. You’ll notice that we linked to that interview on our Twitter feed.

    You’ll be glad to I have now made full contact with both the council and Sheffield Liberal Democrats’ press teams, and we hope to be able to bring you more news on Lib Dem issues in the future.

    SheffieldPolitics does tend to approach the news from a left of centre angle, something we feel represents the general feeling in this part of the world. At the end of the day, we’re not the BBC.

    That said, we do not intend to be a mouthpiece for any particular party or point of view. We report the news as we see it, and any opinion pieces will always be tagged as such.

    One of the unfortunate downsides of being in power is that the media tends to give you a harder time. We’re not immune to this, but would like to assure you that we’ll be giving Labour and Green representatives just as hard a time in future interviews.

    As for the deficit issue, you’ll note that in our coverage of the emergency budget measures, we reported the feelings of several prominent Sheffield Lib Dems who echo your concerns.

    Thanks for your comments, it’s good to know people are bothered enough to engage with the issues.

  3. I know exactly how those protesters felt about Clegg. I feel exactly the same. Cheated, lied to and betrayed. I’m guessing there are plenty of other people in Sheffield and the rest of the country who feel exactly the same. I got really excited in the run up to the election because I felt that I had finally found a political party that had an ideology. Rather than doing a labour/conservative trick of offering the exact same policies wrapped in a blue or red ribbon it seemed the Liberals weren’t afraid to do something different.
    Instead of sticking to their guns and refusing a coalition and retaining the chance of being voted in properly next time round they sold out, betrayed everyone who believed in them and shot themselves in the foot for the next election because thousands of people who voted for them this time round won’t touch them with a bargepole next time.

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