Lib Dems reduce number of council “fat cats”

Sheffield’s Liberal Democrat council have announced figures which suggest they have been more successful than expected in reducing the number of highly paid council employees.

In January 2009, the council pledged to reduce the number of non-school employees earning more than £50,000 by 10%. Today’s figures suggest that once non-filled positions are factored in, they have achieved a figure closer to 17%.

The council received criticism last week, after it was revealed that nearly all of the savings made from youth service cuts would be swallowed up by the severance packages of just three senior council officials.

The council’s emergency budget measures included £700,000 of savings from youth services, including cuts from Sheffield Futures which operates the Connexions service.

A total of £670,000 was paid out to three executives. Assistant legal chief executive Liz Bashforth received a payout of £331,867. Colleagues Ken Green and Ron Barraclough received £200,000 and £125,000 respectively.

Under the last Labour council, the number of employees earning more than £50,000 was around 136. This has so far been reduced to 119.

Councillor Simon Clement Jones, cabinet member for finance said: “After seeing the number of senior managers at the Council spiral out of control under Labour, Liberal Democrats promised to reduce their numbers by 10%. We have delivered just that. However, I’m delighted that we have managed to go even further so that local taxpayers save more.

“At a time when we are looking at reductions in funding it’s vital that we crack down on the waste and bureaucracy that has been built up in the Town Hall during Labour’s time in control. Liberal Democrats in Sheffield understand that we need to concentrate our resources on maintaining vital front lines services whilst keeping Council Tax down.”


2 responses to “Lib Dems reduce number of council “fat cats”

  1. Assigning an arbitary salary amount (£50,000) and then measuring the number of people paid more than that is a pretty poor measure of how much money a council is saving.

    It’s perfectly possible that in 2002 the salary grade for a middle management type job was £45,000 – £49,000
    By 2008 six years of inflation-only payrises would see the same people, doing the same jobs on the same grade getting paid £52,650 – £57,330 *
    Suddenly they become villainous highly paid staff.

    I don’t know where this info is from (Liberal Democrat Press Office?), but it’s an entirely arbitrary measurement, and absolutely meaningless without inflationary adjustments and in the context of what other council workers are earning.

    *Inflation between 2002-2008 was a total of 17% according to

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