Sheffield Lib Dem Council leader Scriven sings for hotel chain promo

Paul Scriven, leader of Sheffield City Council stars in a promotional video for Mercure Hotels, which has emerged online.

In the video he sings (or at least mimes to) the Lou Reed classic Perfect Day, but with the lyrics reworked to tell the story of a tired businessman arriving at the hotel after a Hectic Day.

The Mercure St Paul’s Hotel in Sheffield is set to act as a base for delegates to the Liberal Democrats annual conference in March.

It has played host to various council related events and conferences, most recently a leadership summit for Sheffield First Partnership, of which Mr Scriven is chair.

On his twitter feed, Mr Scriven has insisted that the video was “an internal training video”, and that he was not paid.

Thanks to @dentonmartin for bringing this gem to our attention, and to all who helped out with SheffieldPolitics’ recovery of the video, which was deleted by the original uploader this morning.


13 responses to “Sheffield Lib Dem Council leader Scriven sings for hotel chain promo

  1. Of course I’m sure it’s just a coincidence if he was paid to do a promo for a hotel, and then it became the hotel HQ base for the 2011 Lib Dem Spring conference…

  2. Would someone like to explain why the video has now been removed?

    If this wasn’t a joke, I’d like to know why the leader of Sheffield City council is essentially an agent of corporatism.

  3. To be fair, where else were you going to hold the conference? The 02 academy?

    This is just ball-achingly funny, and ppl shouldn’t get an arse on about ‘corporatism’ – just take the piss, much more constructive.

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  6. Cityofflopportunity

    Dear Cllr Scriven
    Thank you for our pay freeze this week. We had some ideas for your ‘value for money efficiency drive’. Will you be giving up your Mercure VIP account in order to balance the budgets? Or maybe one less cocktail this week. Perhaps you could go for the junior suite instead? And let’s be honest, you don’t really need that taxi – you could have walked from the Town Hall. Time for some savings great leader! Have you heard of the Travelodge down the road?

  7. As the story’s come out I doubt any malpractice or iffiness, but it still shows a lack of judgement on a number of levels.

    1. Despite Councillor Scriven not being paid for this, it would not be a leap for people viewing the video, which is a very polished and well-made production that would have taken a good couple of hours to shoot, to presume he’d been paid for his time, and question his interests, especially as the hotel holds so many large council functions in the city. While I’m sure this is only due to its convenient proximity to the Town Hall, it still opens up legitimate questions from the electorate.

    2. Despite the fact he’s clearly acting a role that’s not supposed to be Councillor Scriven himself, no-one wants to see a council leader, in times of austerity, pull up in a taxi at a luxury hotel next to his workplace, and proceed to grin like an idiot while sipping pricey cocktails.

    3. He claims to be helping “local businesses”, and if he was doing a comedy video shoot for Our Cow Molly, Henderson’s Relish or Fancie maybe I wouldn’t say anything. But Mercure is a French chain of 750 luxury hotels, and the video (other than a brief glimpse of the St Paul’s sign) there’s no explicit Sheffield link in the video, and it could be used as a promo for any of the chain’s hotels in the country.

    4. He looks like a prat. Looking like a prat can be endearing for a good cause, but few of us would call a large hotel chain a good cause, even if it was a last minute favour for a mate.

    5. His retorts are a bit contradictory – is it an internal training video (with absolutely no hint of any training actually in the video’s content), or was it done to help promote Sheffield tourism? It can’t be both…

    As I say, after hearing both sides of it, I’m sure there’s no dodgy dealings at all going on here, but I think the ridicule is deserved!

  8. What a complete error of judgement on Mr Scrivens part. This man appears to court publicity and bring about controversy on a regular basis suggesting he is more interested in promoting himself than he is our proud city. As a longstanding Lib Dem voter I for one will never vote for him again after seeing this and seeing what damage he is doing to Sheffield. I thought Mrs Thatcher was bad but Mr Scriven is proving to be far more damaging to Sheffield than even she was. Best thing he could do now is resign at least he would leave with some dignity. What a let off for everyone that he didn’t become an MP.

  9. this is damn funny
    some people need to lighten up and get a life

  10. I seem to remember Scrivo vehemently opposing the hotel being built in the first place, he and the lib Dems led a long campaign? Hypocrite of the first order.

  11. John Paul Gibbon

    Local elections coming up next year Scriven , get ready for the good people of Sheffield to give you a good shafting . Just like you have done to us . You can only push us true Sheffielders so far . “Equal pain” my arse .

  12. Scrivens is a media whore – he’s just so filthy he could be a tory oops he is a tory at heart – come May we’ll be rid of him and many of his ilk.

  13. hasn’t he got a home to go too???

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