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Lib Dem cabinet signs off on £6.5m of Sheffield public service cuts

Leader of the Council, Paul Scriven

Paul Scriven, Leader of the Council

£6.5m of cuts to local services were approved today by Sheffield City Council’s Liberal Democrat cabinet.

Paul Scriven, leader of the council, said “We haven’t taken this exercise with a sense of glee. It’s something we have been left to do because of the mess this country has been left in.

“I will be honest with the people of Sheffield. This will not be easy and there will be service reductions.”

Mr Scriven also accused Labour party members of “abdicating their responsibility” with regard to the debt they had left for the country.

Over half of the proposed cuts will come from Education and Children and Young People’s Services. The Connexions service, which offers information and advice to 13-19 year olds will see their budget reduced by £1.2m, about a fifth of their previous total.

Councillor Colin Ross, member for Children and Young People’s Services, said “We have been as careful as we possibly can to protect the future of the young people of our city.”

David Blunkett, former Education Secretary and Labour MP for Hillsborough and Brightside, last week described the proposed cuts as “appalling”.

Councillor Simon Clement Jones, cabinet member for finance, said “I don’t think this is a good day for Sheffield. A Labour government spent more money than it had and now it’s time to pay the bill.

“One positive is that the Liberal Democrats are in charge of the city and we are well used to cleaning up after Labour’s mess.”

The cabinet unanimously approved the interim budget report in a meeting which lasted a little over 20 minutes. There were no questions from the public.

A more robust discussion of the cuts is expected when the report is voted on by the full council, where the Liberal Democrats do not have a majority, on Wednesday. Full details of the cuts proposed to be made over the next year can be found here.


Video: “Nick Clegg is not welcome in Sheffield” – City responds to emergency budget

Hundreds gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall this afternoon to protest against the public sector cuts outlined in the coalition government’s first budget.

Doug Patterson of Unite recieved the warmest welcome of the day, canonised for his ongoing battle to reverse the governments decision to withdraw their £80m loan to Sheffield Forgemasters.

Sheffield Labour Party Chair Paul Wood recieved a frostier reception, and was heckled by activists in the crowd for New Labour’s centrism. A message from Labour MP for Sheffield South East Clive Betts was read out to a murmur of boos, although Central MP Paul Blomfield’s message was better recieved.

Constant throughout the speeches was a sense of betrayal. A feeling that Nick Clegg, once the golden boy of Sheffield, has sold the north down the river, to the extent that Patterson declared him persona-non-grata in the Steel City. A further demonstration outside his Eccleshall constituency home has been mooted, but as I understand it it’s pretty hard to catch him in these days.

Lib Dem council leader Paul Scriven, who has been on telly an awful lot this weekend loyally defending the coalition’s actions, did not attend the protest.

In other news, fresh faced education minister Michael Gove will be opening a new building near the Peace Gardens on Thursday afternoon at 1pm. I’d be surprised if he didn’t recieve a warm, Sheffield welcome.

Sheffield protest against the Digital Economy Bill

Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield Council and Lib Dem PPC

300 flyers, shifted in 20 minutes

A creative gag

Sheffield boutique admits “mistakenly” selling real fur, but can’t promise it won’t happen again

Say what you like about Sheffield’s activist community, you can never accuse them of being nesh.

Two separate groups braved the cold snap today to protest against bus fare increases and a local boutique caught selling real fur, respectively.

More (including video) from the bus protest a little later, but here’s what happened at Sa-kis. Continue reading

The Abbeydale Grange Saga

The decision by Sheffield City Council to close Abbeydale Grange School, which was met with some pretty bitter opposition, is bound to become one of the key local issues in this year’s general election.

Paul Scriven, currently leader of the council, will be standing for the first time as the LibDem party political candidate for Sheffield Central this year. As long time Labour MP Richard Caborn will be standing down*, Scriven will be up against another newcomer, Paul Blomfield, who you’ll be surprised to hear spoke out against the closure of Abbeydale Grange at every opportunity.

*Nothing to do with expenses, he announced his departure in 2007

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The Philip Laing saga ended on Thursday with a refreshingly measured decision on the part of Judge Anthony Browne.

The media scrum to be the first with the sentence was expected, it would seem, by everyone except Sheffield Magistrates Court, who held the hearing in one of their smaller courtrooms, leading to several members of the press being excluded from proceedings to prevent a “fire hazard”. The fact that the court had a responsibility to move the hearing to a larger venue to accommodate the amassed press seemed to have been forgotten by the surly court staff. A complaint is in progress.

Thought it was a little off that Laing was allowed the privilege of being sneaked in the back door again. People who’ve done much worse frequently make the walk of shame across the main entrance bridge.

Not to mention the naivety of expecting to fox photographers with something so cunning as a different door.

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