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Video: Clegg summit draws hundreds of protesters

Hundreds of trade unionists and activists gathered outside the Town Hall yesterday, just as preparations were being made to host a council question and answer session with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Speaking after the demonstration, Paul Blomfield said, “[The protest] has been organised at very short notice and overall we’ve had about three or four hundred people here. It’s very positive.”

Although Mr Clegg did not arrive at the Town Hall until after the crowds had dispersed, Mr Blomfield remained hopeful he will respond to his invitation to face a public grilling, “So far he’s dodged every opportunity to meet the people of Sheffield in an open context, where people can fire questions at him without being stage managed. I hope he’ll do it.”

On the subject of Mr Clegg’s pledge to return any net gain on the sale of his house to the taxpayer, Mr Blomfield said “Well, that’s the test for him. And he may as well sell it, because he’s got no roots in Sheffield. He doesn’t come here very often.”


“Judas”: Clegg welcomed home by hecklers.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was welcomed back to Sheffield by a crowd of protesters, and hecklers today.

Mr Clegg had returned to Sheffield for a council Q&A session and to launch the region’s new Local Enterprise Partnership. As he was warmly greeted on the steps of the Town Hall by council leader Paul Scriven, protesters shouted “Judas” at the Deputy Prime Minister.

A Union organised rally, which dispersed minutes before Mr Clegg’s arrival, drew crowds in their hundreds outside the Town Hall. Chants of “Nick Clegg, Tory Boy” were heard through the protest, attended by a number of Labour councillors and Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield.

The insults were hurled by a small group of protesters who had stayed behind after the demonstration ended.

More on the protest to follow, including video of Paul Blomfield MP’s speech.