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Police called to Sheffield Hallam polling station

St John's Church, Ranmoor

St John's Church, Ranmoor

Riot police have been been called to a polling station in Nick Clegg’s constituency of Sheffield Hallam tonight, after angry students refused to let ballot boxes out of the building.

Hundreds of students were turned away as polls closed at 10pm, because the station, at St John’s Church, Ranmoor was unable to cope with demand.

According to the University of Sheffield’s outgoing finance officer, Martin Bailey, police “forcibly removed the ballot boxes” shortly before 11pm.

Voters queuing outside St John's Ranmoor

Voters queuing outside St John's Ranmoor

John Mothersole, returning officer for the Sheffield Hallam constituency, said: “We got this wrong and I would like to apologise.
“We were faced with a difficult situation with the numbers of people, and a large amount of students turning up to vote without polling cards. This made the administration process of ensuring the correct person was given a ballot paper much longer.
“The only remedy, which we could not take, was to extend the voting times.”


VIDEO: Eddie Izzard talks about Labour, politics and his plans to run for office

Eddie Izzard visited the University of Sheffield today, to offer his support for Paul Blomfield. Some colleagues and I caught up with him backstage to talk about the election, his plans for the future and the Party Election Broadcast he made for the Labour Party.

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s Eddie’s PEB.

I’ll be putting together the footage I have of the Q&A session with Eddie, Paul and NUS president Wes Streeting tomorrow.

Thanks to Paul Garbett, Ben Rossi, Ben Wood and Chris Anstey for asking some good questions, and to Tom Hunt from the Labour Party.